California born individuals should be proud to become members of the Order of the Native Daughters of the Golden West. Parlors are located throughout the State, and through their activities members experience California’s great heritage and make lasting friendships.

Serving the Golden State

CA Citizen

Individuals who are born in California and are at least 16 years of age are welcome to join a Parlor (Chapter).

Extenuating circumstances are considered for the following situations…

  • Born while parent(s) was/were on active duty in the United States Military (California primary residence)
  • Born in bordering state due to unavailability of needed medical services (California primary residence)
  • Born while California resident parents were interred in a relocation camp during WW II

Local Parlor

You must join through a local Parlor (chapter). To find a local Parlor to visit and obtain contact information, go to the Active Parlor page or email GrandParlor@ndgw.org . The Active Parlor page lists Parlors by city and will provide contact information, meeting dates and times, along with annual dues and initiation fees.


The Membership Application requires proof of California birth, signatures of two members as your sponsors, payment of six months dues and the initiation fee. The completed application is returned to the Recording Secretary of the local Parlor.


After the application is accepted by a Parlor vote, you will be required to attend an initiation ceremony. If you live too far away to attend an initiation ceremony, become a “Member at Large”. For more information, contact a local Parlor CLICK HERE.

Love of California is evident in the Order’s unceasing efforts to promote the study of her romantic history and reverence for the memory of the sturdy Pioneer Fathers and Mothers, the founders of our great state.

For questions or more information about membership, submit the following form…

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