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for more information about special events contact Julia Hull (209) 604-5028


Calendar of Events,  Special Days of the Order,
and Official Visits (Rev. 1/09/2020)

Dawn Dunlap, Grand President

Grand President Dawn will visit each Subordinate Parlor individually on the Parlor's actual meeting date and will contact the Parlor President and Recording Secretary beforehand.

Calendar of Events, Special Days of the Order, State Committee Meetings and Official Visits – January and February 2020


January 10th - Home Committee Meeting; 1 P.M.; San Francisco

January 11th – Childrens Foundation Meeting; 9 A.M.; San Francisco

January 18th - Grace Parlor No. 242, NDGW Home Luncheon; Fullerton

January 24th -25th - NSGW Discovery of Gold Weekend; Newhall

January 25th – Board of Directors’ Meeting; Stevenson Ranch

January 24th, 25th & 26th – Ritual and Manual of Instruction Committee Meeting; Hollister

February 1st – Special Event – Anchor Steam Brewery Tour; San Francisco

February – Home Committee Meeting – Date to be determined

February 7th, 8th & 9th – Board of Directors’ Meeting; San Francisco

February 9th – Donner Parlor No. 193, NDGW Home Luncheon; Brentwood

February 15th – District 14, Childrens Foundation Luncheon, Jackson

February 21st – Investment Committee Meeting 9 A.M. and Finance Committee Meeting 1 P.M.; San Francisco

February 22nd – 110th Anniversary Celebration of San Juan Bautista Parlor No. 179, Hollister

February 27th – Special Event - Fort Bragg Parlor No. 210, Community Networking Mixer; Fort Bragg

February 29th – Charitable Foundation Inc. (C.F.I.C.) Committee Meeting 10:30 A.M.; San Francisco


Official Visits:

January 4th – La Tijera Parlor No. 282, Inglewood

January 9th – Rancho La Puente Parlor No. 331, La Puente

January 12th – San Diego Parlor No. 208, San Diego

January 14th – Placerita Parlor No. 277, 11:30 A.M.; Van Nuys

January 14th – Toluca Parlor No. 279, 7 P.M.; Studio City

January 27th – El Tejon Parlor No. 239; Bakersfield

January 28th – Zinfandel Parlor No. 337; Woodbridge

February 3rd – Angelita Parlor No. 32; Livermore

February 4th – Vendome Parlor No. 100, 11:30 A.M.; San Jose

February 4th – Petaluma Parlor No. 222, 7 P.M.; Petaluma

February 6th – Cotati Parlor No. 299, Santa Rosa

February 9th – Argonaut Parlor No. 166, El Cerrito

February 10th – Encinal Parlor No. 156, Alameda

February 11th – Hayward Parlor No. 122, Hayward

February 12th – El Vespero Parlor No. 118, Daly City

February 13th – Bonita Parlor No. 10, Redwood City

February 18th – Darina Parlor No. 114, San Francisco

February 19th – Calistoga Parlor No. 145, Calistoga

February 24th – Santa Cruz Parlor No. 26, 1 P.M.; Soquel

February 24th – San Bruno Parlor No. 246, 6 P.M.; South San Francisco